Friday, January 23, 2009

Gotta Love Snow!


My pet isn't feeling so hot today, so this will be short. She's so lame.

I am so hoping I get to go for a run this weekend. I love running in the snow. Chances are I won't, though, since my pets are all pretty lazy, especially on the weekend.

I'm wishing cousin Laker lived closer. He gets to go for walks with a human walker (they pay the guy or something), which I think is pretty awesome, especially if your pets are too lazy to go with you. I might run the idea by my pets and see where it goes. I'll let you know.


  1. funny, I have a greyhound who is very lazy!

  2. Love it! Bodhi feels the same way. He can't believe his "pets" hate the cold so much. He loves snow...D

  3. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for your inspiring comment on my blog. I love this blog, I have a petsitting business as well as my art business. I will be checking back soon!

    Michelle :)

  4. oh i hope shes feelin alot better now :(

  5. Sorry to hear about your pet. My dogs (Pomeranians) are both different. One loves to run and jump and play and the other likes to just lay around. They both, however, like to go for walks.

  6. i always stop by here first before i go to holy ;) so this time thought i would leave a comment even though i have already haha!

    sorry to hear that you have an ear problem too. although yours sounds alot worse :(

    have a good weekend

  7. Our dog has never been one to go on walks. Oh, she loves going, but she demands we stop every few feet so she can smell stuff. Our walks now are to the mailbox and back. She turned 15 today.

  8. i truly literally love the snow..i love it..its so cute...hehehe!!!

  9. hope you are getting rid of the snow. there is only so much snow a person can take lol. bring on the spring woo!

  10. Running in the snow? Brrrrrrrr! I'm crawling under a blanket just thinking about it...

  11. My pet, Helen, is posting this for me (Ruffles):

    I'm not so big on walking, so it's okay that my pet likes to walk to the mailbox and out to the garden and that's about it. But I do wish she would be more generous with the treats. I mean, come on, open that bag once in a while!

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  13. I never beg my pets to walk with me. Several times a day, I allow them to walk outside with me. At night I let one of them walk with me all the way to the mailbox. I even let them carry the mail. That's it. It's not that I'm lazy. Nor, I have to admit, are they. (snort, that took a lot for me to admit). But I am getting up in years. Which is why after I walk them to the mailbox at night, I reward them and let them carry me up the stairs to my bed.

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  15. Why no more write-up after Jan Mary ??